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Higher tiers provide up to 30 days of video history. Read More!
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To start with, Frontpoint is the only home security system that is 100% wireless and 100% cellular. Read More!
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Lastly, if there are any gas leaks detected, the alarm will beep once, pause for two seconds and repeat, while the Power Led will turn off and the blue GAS LED will blink in sync with the once every–two seconds beep if the gas leaks are detected by another interconnected alarm, the GAS LED will not turn on. Read More!

security and access control

No more little signs on the front door saying “Baby Sleeping”, just tell Alexa and the doorbell is off while your child sleeps in peace.

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    Even though this isn’t a smart IoT smoke detector, you still can inter connect up to 16 First Alert alarms wirelessly and, since the SCO501CN 3ST also comes with a programmable talking alarm, it deserves a place in this article.

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    ” In 2012 its annual revenue exceeded $1.
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    Please read my reference below.
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    The First Alert P1010 uses the aforementioned technology, so it has a beam of light inside a small chamber which does not directly hit the photoelectric sensor, but, the moment smoke particles enter the device through the holes in the metallic section, the light gets diverted and it will immediately hit the sensor, thus sounding the alarm.

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