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It worked so well for me in the past, not perfect of course what is but really I was liking how everything functioned. But this update now has me possibly looking at other brands as I was needing another one. Please fix or pull this update!Worst security System that I have ever encountered. The idea is great but this company is the worst tech company and customer Service business I have ever dealt with. Yes the device looks good and yes the app seems like it would be exactly what you need but it is HORRIBLE. The app crashes repeatedly, and I have IPhone XS Max on Xfinity X1, It only records when there is a movement but it misses huge chunks of moment and sometimes detects motion and starts recording after the object is gone.
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TReleased in September 2017 for $169. 99Ring Spotlight Cam: This 1080p outdoor security camera from the makers of the Ring Video Doorbell comes in wired and battery versions. The battery version can use a Ring Solar Panel for charging. Released in July 2017 for $199. 00Logitech Circle 2: This 1080p camera can be used indoors and outdoors and has an extremely wide 180 degree field of view. It also comes in wired and battery powered versions.

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There is USB connectivity for storing video locally on a USB drive, and it also offers seven days’ worth of cloud recordings for free, meaning that you can watch live stream or view recorded video and audio for up to seven days recurring, at no cost to you.

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    Their commercials are in heavy rotation on TV and YouTube is pegged with hundreds of its how to videos.

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    com's whitelabel app.

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    According to their estimate the UK has one camera for every 14 people.
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    You can view anytime, anywhere with remote viewing using the internet, your smartphone, or a tablet.
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